Low Level Laser Treatment for Thinning Hair

Men and women now have a choice for thinning hair. LaserCap simply and easily changes how the world sees thinning hair. 
LaserCap was created by Michael Rabin, MD in collaboration with internationally recognized hair restoration surgeon Robert Haber, MD, Harvard-based photomedicine expert Michael Hamblin, PhD, and M.I.T. trained optical physicist David Smith, PhD. With 224 individual 650nm 5mW lasers in a flexible, hermetically-sealed dome-shaped membrane that fits comfortably in almost any hat, and powered by a small belt-clip battery pack, it offers your patients the low level laser power of an in-office clinical unit in the comfort of their home.
Thinning hair has just become obsolete.


LaserCap is completely portable and easy to use. It is hands free and it comfortable fits into almost any hat. It is extremely convenient and discreet. You have the ability to use anywhere, such as at home, while walking or jogging, driving in your car, etc. It requires no weekly trips back to the office like the clinical office low level light domes do. LaserCap is compatible with all other types of hair loss therapies. Such as Minoxodil, and Finasteride.



Respected Hair Restoration Surgeon // LaserCap Prescriber
Recently, a home-use device with greater laser power than most in-office systems was developed under the name LaserCap (Transdermal Cap). It contains 224 5-mW laser diodes in a mesh network that covers the entire top of the scalp and fits under a hat or cap. It has a rechargeable battery so that treatment can be administered while “on the go” in a convenient, discreet fashion. The LaserCap is available to patients through physicians...


Respected Hair Restoration Surgeon // LaserCap User & Prescriber
The bottom line is, low level laser therapy works. LaserCap is the most practical solution for LLLT delivery...


Respected Hair Restoration Surgeon // President, LaserCap Co.
The LaserCap maximizes patient compliance since it is worn under any head cover (baseball cap, scarf, etc.) and is completely portable...higher dosimetry combined with consistent regular use(i.e., patient compliance) may be essential for effectiveness...


Respected Hair Restoration Surgeon // LaserCap Research Collaborator
I am currently involved in a clinical study to test a LLL laser for male and female pattern hair loss. This laser has the potential to be one of the more efficient lasers at promoting hair growth and slowing hair loss.


Harvard University Photomedicine Expert // Lasercap Science Advisor 
I believe that the lasercap is the most convenient device for delivering the light to the scalp as it does not require active combing but it is still a home-use device contrasted with the hairdryer-like hood. The optimum duration of treatment remains to be established because there is a possibility that the biphasic dose response (a little light is good but more light is less good or even bad) that has been established in other LLLT applications could also apply in hair regrowth. It is possible that the optimum treatment time/fluence may vary from patient to patient, and once they see how they will respond, they can make their own assessment. The only possible side effect would be a reversal of the benefits with conceivably further hair loss if a large overdose was given. It should be emphasized that the changes in dosimetry necessary to move into the down-slope of the Arndt-Schulz curve are fairly large (at least ten times the beneficial dose)...
  • You can have thicker, fuller, healthier hair. No operations. No magic potions. Its low-level laser is completely portable, hands-free, and fits in any cap. Easy to use. Wear the cap. Enjoy the results. 
  • LaserCap is for the medical management of both female and male pattern hair loss. 
  • Thousands of LaserCaps sold across the world. Available by physician referral only.
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